'콩콩랜드': 슬랩스틱 애니메이션

2018 / 2.5분 x 12에피소드

Animal fairies - Perry(eagle), Rodi(ladybug), Pan(panda), Crabo(crab), Mary(sheep) and Leocat(lynx) - live in the theme park 'Kong Kong Land'. Their goal is to collect foot smell as much as they can do. Because the foot smell is a kind of wealth and the most important resources in their environment. There is only one marble containing compressed foot smell in the park. They want to get the marble to do what they want. Animal fairies begin to fight to get it....

배급 및 라이선싱

2018 / 2.5min x 12 eps.

프로젝트 발표

LA, 라스베가스, 런던, 상하이, 브리즈번, 서울...

모바일앱 : 영어유치원

안드로이드용 / 아동 교육용앱 : 알파뱃, 파닉스, 숫자, 컬러, 사진 갤러리, 복습 게임.

'콩콩랜드': 대사버전

제작중 / 12분 x 10에피소드

Lynx fairy is an ingenious inventor, and a highly jealous fairy who believes he is the greatest fairy in the world. Leocat takes pride in showing himself off wherever he goes. But once coming face-to-face with the animal fairies transforming into shoes in Kong Kong Land, he get great shock at their superpowers. Leocat becomes highly jealous of the fairies and try to uncover their secret...

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