Our Mission

The company giving hapiness to the world ...

We are doing brand business and convergence projects using contents and technology.
Please feel free to contact us for any cooperation.
Also we can help your projects with our experiences!

Business Introduction

Brand Business

Kong Kong Land: Original IP based Kid's convergence brand

Tourism Metaverse

AR/VR, Media Art, Chatbot Avatar, Interactive, AI, Bigdata Cloud


VR interactive Content
AR Gamification App.
AR interactive content of visitor participation

Media Art

Interactive Media Art
CG VFX rendered Media Art
Digital Signage

Our Technologies

Digital Twin
Sensor based interactive
Computer Graphics
Software Technology

Service Area

3D Visualization
Mobile App.
Digital Transformation
And more...

On-going Projects

Tourism Metaverse

Testbed Project: Yongdoosan Park in Busan.

AR Project

IP based Gamification AR App.

Media Art

Interactive Computer Graphics.